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Rental list.

Precision Rentals LLC offers rental machinery & allied equipment to contractors on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Below are our rental rates:

Loader Backhoe
CAT 42029501000325
Dirt Compactor
CAT CS43334851300515
CAT CS56351741864675
Asphalt Compactor
CAT CB242500850300
CAT CB33433001100400
CAT CB43444001500500
CAT TL6422500950375
CAT TL94329501050400
Skid Steer Loader (Rubber Tire)
*Multiple Attachments Available For Skid Steers*
CAT 2261500500175
CAT 2462120770250
CAT 2522200800275
CAT 2622460820300
Skid Steer Loader (Rubber Track)
CAT 27738201275400
CAT 28940501350450
Hydraulic Excavator
CAT 303 (OROPS)2600750250
CAT 303.52850875275
CAT 30533501150375
Cat 305.533501150375
CAT 30842001400450
CAT 31458001855600
CAT 31665002200750
CAT 32075002500875
CAT 325 950032501100
CAT 3301058535651190
Hydraulic Excavator with Hydraulic Hammer
CAT 304 with 1000 ft. lb. Hydraulic Hammer56502000750
CAT 314 with 2000 ft. lb. Hydraulic Hammer1080036001200
CAT D335001200400
CAT D439501350450
CAT D542501500500
CAT D660002000750
CAT XQ602655885295
Wheel Loader
CAT 90632001150400
CAT IT1445001500500
CAT 92857001900650
CAT 93057001900650
Cat 95072002400850
Light Towers
Magnum MLT 30001000375125
Infared EquipmentMonthWeekDaily
Trailer Mounted Reclaimers>
4 Ton39501350450
Walk Behind Heaters>
Mini Tech (42L X 48W)995335150
Mini Tech Xtend (42L X 78W)995335150
Mini Fusion Xtend (118L X 15W)995335150
Trailer Mounted Combos>
2 Ton Mini Combo (6L X 8W Chamber 2 ton Reclaimer)59501985675
Call For Availability and Pricing on the Following:
Trailer Mounted Reclaimers>
2 Ton
3 Ton
Walk Behind Heaters>
Mini fusion (78L X 15W)
Trailer Mounted Heaters>
Tech 20 (66L X 48W)
Tech 48 (6L X 8W)
Tech 36 (Bi Fold Chamber on Rear Total 3L X 13W)
Tech 108
Longitudinal Joint Heaters
Fusion PM- (12L X 15W) Paver Mount
Fusion AT- (12L X 15W) Automatic Tow
Fusion Seamless- (12L X 15W) Train System
Fusion MT- (12L X 15W) Manual Tow
Fusion Seamless Reflector-(12L X 15W) Train System
Tractor Mounted Heaters
Tech 78 (Trifold Chamber Total 6L X 13W)
Tech 78 Modified (6L X 8W)
Trailer Mounted Combos
3 Ton Combo (6L X 8W Chamber-3 Ton Reclaimer)
4 Ton Combo (6L X 8W Chamber 4 Ton Reclaimer)